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The following add-ons can greatly enhance the profits from your business, the marketing potential of your advertising, and your control over your site. Please review the following tolls and add-ons, and make sure to check their availability for FREE in our packages!

Payout upgrades

You may upgrade the payout percentages on your poker site to an amazing 65%!!!


Poker Classic (50%)
with 2 X 5% upgrade (to 60%) is:

Domain name registration

Picking the right domain name is the first step towards a successful Internet business. Please ask your sales representative for ideas or use a domain registrar (www.bestcasinodomains.com) to search for available domain names.

Banners, Logos

Banners and a right business image are essential components of a successful website. Our designers will work closely with you to create the perfect tools to market your site effectively. All banners are custom-designed for your site and are available in various sizes. You may use these banners to market your site on forums, blogs, review sites, gaming directories, gaming portals, or exchange them with online marketers and your partners.

Detailed Web Stats

Understanding the incoming traffic to your site is fundamental, since the right conversion rate is the key to success. With our detailed web traffic stats analyzer, you can see how many hits and clickthroughs your website registers and how your advertising strategies are working out. This is a useful tool as any when you are advertising agent of your webpage.

FTP access

If you need more control for your website contents, or if you are looking for a multi-language site, FTP access will give you just that: Unlimited access to the source codes of your page. You can view and edit all contents of the site and upload your own contents as well. We recommend ordering this feature if you are proficient in web-design or have your own technical crew to manage the site for you.


Obtaining a professional and reliable hosting service is a vital element in the mounting of any successful online enterprise. TurnKeyKing takes the guess work out of this indispensable component by providing our own hosting service, complete with essential maintenance services, as standard in all of our packages.

Other web design companies or hosting providers will often charge from $10 up to $150 per month for this service alone, but our packages all come with complete complimentary hosting provision.

Our commitment to providing our customers with the most comprehensive and immediate turkey solutions means that we will take care of every stage of the launching of your website, from original design right up to its web hosting provision, all for a single low investment.