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As any experienced Internet business operator will tell you, the key to realising the best possible return on your investment is to maximise the volume of traffic that flows through your website. Continuing TurnKeyKing's policy of making sure that our solutions provide and equip the operator with every necessary tool, our dedicated staff will be there to help you formulate your marketing strategy.

Our Resource Center contains a full library of documents that can help educate and inform the proprietor of the most efficient way to promote their website, and maximise their traffic.
With complimentary access to this invaluable resource, and the combined experience of our team, each proprietor will be able to specifically target the best possible audience for your brand.

Domain Name

We have worked closely with bestcasinodomains.com so that we may have the best domain name registration solutions for your needs.
To register your own domain name, please go to the following website.

Free E-mail Account

It is best to create a new email address for your website so that you may better keep track of your business emails as well as keep your personal email personal.
You can create FREE email account at the following websites:

Banner Exchange

Banner exchanges are networks of web sites that trade banner advertising space at no cost. A Banner Exchange is a web site/service that provides the administration side of the exchange of ads between members. The exchanges handle the rotation of its members banners throughout the sites within the network. This makes it an automatic process for the web site owners that participate in the exchange.
Here are some banner exchanges sites that you will find useful:

Online Classified Ads

Here is a list of sites that you should post your free ads with:

Search Engines

You need to list your site with the top search engines.
Here are a few good places to start to learn about search engines:

Promoting Offline

Promoting offline means promoting anywhere but on the Internet. Ads in the local paper, penny saver, etc. can be effective. Keep your ads short and simple and always test first.
With print advertising the rule of thumb is to always choose frequency over size. In other words, it is better to run a three line ad two days, rather than run a 6 line ad one time.

Helpful Tools

Web Counter:

Ad Tracker:

E-commerce Weekly

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