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Each of the products that TurnKeyKing provides is already very carefully tailored to have the maximum market impact and exposure, and will be further specialized to your specifications. Each Private Label design is as unique as the client, and will enable the proprietor to offer their customers a service experience unlike any other on the internet.
TurnKeyKing is the most experienced and professional Private Label solution provider today.


Each completely operational casino package offers multiple gaming applications to choose from. The range of options allows you to very specifically tailor your throughput, overhead costs and projected returns. The more comprehensive the casino package, the more capacity your Private Label site will have to attract custom and forward the player to the trusted gaming partners, earning a favourable rate of commission each time.

First time investors in an internet casino will receive a full support and a detailed explanation of all their options, whilst experienced internet business operators will be able to fine tune their product.

Here are some of the features our casino packages offer:

Our clients range from private individuals looking for a custom designed investment, to Fortune 500 companies requiring extremely complex multi-tier sites. Turnkeyking is proud of the reputation it has achieved as the premier provider of scalable systems and dynamic development, and continues to be committed to customer service.

Our poker product will provide the means for you to see some amazing returns, thanks to the impact our sites have on the gaming market, all for only a very small initial investment.

Here are some of the features our poker packages offer:

Our pharmacy product will provide a completely functional and business ready 'turnkey' pharmacy in less than two weeks. Thanks to our leading design structure you will be able as proprietor to set your own retail prices, implement an advertising strategy, and even foster affiliate agreements with other sites. Our service is all-inclusive, and incorporates web hosting, e-commerce, inventory services, warehousing, world wide shipping, and even customer support.

Here are some of the features our pharmacy packages offer:



Payout upgrades

Domain name registration

Banners, Logos

Detailed Web Stats

FTP access


Marketing tools


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